We are very proud of the plumbing work that we complete for our customers. Listed below are our Plumbing Reviews. Our customer reviews are very important to us.

Derande Williams
Derande Williams
20:06 23 Jul 20
Technician was very friendly and got the job done in a timely manner.
Mary Hale
Mary Hale
16:38 11 Jul 20
I had Bill come out to estimate a problem with a main drain and water leakage in my laundry room. He gave me the detailed proposal that he would do to fix it. He came today with helpers, Brian and Josh, and they did a very efficient job. I was very happy with their work. I would recommend them to anyone.
Samantha Garmendia
Samantha Garmendia
23:19 09 Jul 20
Awesome experience every time! Always on time and professional! We have had them out a couple of times over the years. Always show up on time and work to fix the problem! Wouldn’t trust our pipes with anyone else! Would highly recommend!
Debbie Reves
Debbie Reves
19:34 08 Jul 20
James came promptly to address several plumbing problems. He explained what he was doing and why. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He worked efficiently. He worked very hard. We were very pleased with the results. He's a great representative of your company.
David Gillispie
David Gillispie
20:12 16 Jun 20
I had a faucet in a shower tub that was constantly dripping. The single handle set screw was stripped AND stuck from years of calcium buildup. Initially called another plumber company, one of the local big businesses. Their quote was $1,500 to cut out part of the tub fixture, the wall behind it, cut out, replace the entire valve plumbing system. I about fell over and knew immediately I was going to get a second opinion. Called B&L Plumbing and Jason (the manager) came out for the call. He easily removed the handle, replaced the cartridge on the Delta faucet, installed a brand new handle all with a great, friendly, professional attitude. And it was only $285! And I don't have a gigantic hole in the shower/tub or wall. I cannot recommend B&L Plumbing enough. A+ for quality, service, knowledge and honesty. Wish more companies were run this way fr!
Gail Horman
Gail Horman
19:53 04 Jun 20
Had a leaky kitchen sink, so I called B&L Plumbing. They sent James out the same day and he ended up replacing my 20-year old garbage disposal. He was fast, friendly and it's working great now!
Tee Cee
Tee Cee
22:11 03 Jun 20
My experience with everyone from start to finish was top notch. Thank you Amy and Carol for your customer care and professionalism. Thank you Michael (service person) for your customer service, professionalism, efficiency, proficiency, and punctuality. I appreciated the quality in your work/product/care. Your passion could not be ignored. I would refer B&L Plumbing Service, Inc to anyone as well as utilize there services when needed. God bless you all!
Natalie Black
Natalie Black
19:32 02 Jun 20
Always such a great experience using B & L. The customer service reps are excellent, courteous and knowledgeable. The plumber who comes to my grandmothers house is the nicest guy and always takes great care of her and always explains what he is doing and is very reassuring. I recommend B & L Plumbing to anyone who needs work done!!
Harrison Pittman
Harrison Pittman
02:14 29 May 20
B & L came to do some warranty work. It appeared the repair would not be covered by our warranty. Jason checked and sure enough it was not so we scheduled them to make the repair and we would pay out of pocket. When Jason returned, he realized the problem was not a bad as he had first thought and that the warranty would cover it. He could have easily not said anything, made the easier, less expensive fix and charged me as if he had but he didn't. Honesty and professionalism. We received much , much more than we expected from B & L. I highly recommend them for any of your plumbing needs.
Kathy Dody
Kathy Dody
02:43 10 May 20
Contacted B&L plumbing based on reviews similar to this one. Could not have been happier. Jason replaced the water softner, pressure reducing valve and explained the need to also install an expansion tank. He was very thorough and completed the job in a very timely manner. Will contact them with any future plumbing needs.
Tom Kane
Tom Kane
14:45 02 May 20
My water bills were running a little higher than normal, even after fixing a couple of leaky toilets. A friend of mine suggested I turn off the main valve and check to see if the meter was still turning. Sure enough, it was, indicating there was a leak somewhere between my house and the meter. I did not see any dripping or standing water in the well itself (and neither did a different plumber that came out), so I was thinking the worst; my yard was going to have to be dug up. I called the warranty company and they contacted B&L. Carol from B&L called within an hour and said they had somebody available that afternoon. James showed up well within the time frame Carol had provided, listened to my problem, was very friendly (from a distance) and professional, and quickly found the leak - at the meter. James fixed and tested the leak and we were back up and running within an hour or two. Since this went through the warranty company, I'm not sure what the cost was, but based on everything else related to my visit, I'm sure they're reasonable and competitive. I highly recommend B&L!
Courtney Moore
Courtney Moore
18:35 27 Apr 20
Our technician, Michael, did a great job in a very timely manner. He arrived on time and finished the job with no problems.
Kay Schweiger
Kay Schweiger
20:39 15 Apr 20
2nd time in a week I've used B&L Plumbing. Very good experience - Waylan is great!
Michael Gauby
Michael Gauby
15:22 14 Apr 20
Great people to deal with even when working with an "uncooperative" home warranty company. Throughout the entire process, the folks at B&L kept me informed and did their best to remedy my situation. They even called the warranty people to battle on my behalf. Technicians called ahead of their arrival, showed up on time, and even called to check in after the job was complete. I highly recommend them!
21:14 10 Apr 20
Micheal, the tech was experienced, knowledgeable and very professional. Service came in very timely manner with great results! (Happy me!) Yes I would recommend again.
Daren Higerd
Daren Higerd
20:55 06 Apr 20
Walyn has been to our home now a couple times for different issues. He is knowledgeable, courteous and mindful of today's trying times. Work has always been top notch.
Melissa Shephard
Melissa Shephard
00:14 03 Apr 20
My technician, Michael, was patient and efficient. He came to help fix a leak in my bath tub. When I wasn't able to demonstrate the issue for him, he was patient. We did a little problem solving together and were able to get the tub to leak. After that, Michael was able to get the issue fixed in no time. He was also friendly, professional, and excited to see our dogs.
Matt K
Matt K
21:53 02 Apr 20
Waylon arrived and diagnosed my plumbing leak as a broken pipe, he replaced the pipe in a timely manner!I would highly recommend B&L Plumbing for all your plumbing needs!
Kelton Neal
Kelton Neal
21:26 31 Mar 20
Quickly diagnosed and resolved my plumbing issue within the week even after having to order needed parts.
Ian Barker
Ian Barker
19:11 27 Mar 20
The technician was friendly and helpful. He completed the task quickly and was eager to answer questions I had. Great service.
DaLana Kunellis
DaLana Kunellis
14:14 19 Mar 20
Michael came out within an hour of calling about our main drain issue. He was super helpful, professional, and even cleaned up any mess that was made from the job. I was super impressed!
Mike Reynolds
Mike Reynolds
01:52 19 Mar 20
These guys know their stuff. 👍
19:33 11 Mar 20
B&L became my go to fixer plumber a few years ago. The biggest headache at that that time was when we renovated a downstairs kitchen. Little did I know that the sink faucet kit I purchased wouldn't fit with the existing plumbing. Billie was there for at least most of a day, sawing behind a wall to make the perfect connection to a not-so-perfect new kit. He was my go to when we were looking at touchless faucets for the kitchen (he's a fan!) and explained everything I need to know. Good folks, great plumbers.
Ramona Evans
Ramona Evans
15:36 09 Mar 20
Arrived home, after six weeks away, to discover toilet leaked upon flushing and, of course, it was a weekend. Friend recommended B&L Plumbing, so made a called. Saturday service, no problem! Waylon to the rescue! Repaired and back to leak-free flushing in no time. I will use again, in the future, and recommend to others.
Jason Cobb
Jason Cobb
23:13 05 Mar 20
Had an issue for some time with water coming up from our floor drain. Had a competitor (think pink trucks and catchy advertising) come out twice and do everything except fix our issue. Luckily our home warranty had B&L as their plumbing service, because Michael came out and diagnosed the problem within 10 minutes. He was very helpful in answering my questions, and helping me understand where the issue was at; as well as being extremely knowledgeable, professional, and right on time. I couldn't be happier with the service we received, and would recommend B&L and Michael to anyone for their plumbing needs.
Ken Lowry
Ken Lowry
23:32 28 Feb 20
Technician verified no leak in outside water line from main to house.
Paula Garner
Paula Garner
17:32 25 Feb 20
Michael was quick, informative and very polite and clean. I would recommend B&L to anyone requiring plumbing services!
Linda Vanderwood
Linda Vanderwood
03:15 21 Feb 20
It's never a good time to learn that you have a partial sewer line collapse. B&L came out, on a very cold day, and replaced the damaged pipe. Jason explained each step and I was very placed with the outcome.
Rodrick Goodwin
Rodrick Goodwin
19:11 17 Feb 20
Jason and Joe did a fantastic job in resolving our plumbing issues. Great customer service and very professional!
Sylvia Hoover
Sylvia Hoover
21:45 15 Feb 20
Great service the technician that showed up at my house was friendly and knowledgeable. He went out of his way to fix the problem.

More Plumbing Reviews

Listed below are some more plumbing reviews that customers have sent in over the years.

4/18/2019: Bill was my service guy and he was great. He was prompt, very friendly and knowledgeable. He did a great job of locating and fixing my Plumbing issues. I would give B&L Plumbing a 5 star rating and would definitely recommend them for all plumbing repairs.

Frankie Brown

2/19/2019: Bill came to our home to look at our sump pump due to the alarm sounding. Bill was timely, courteous and asked informative questions concerning our want or need for the type of sump pump we had. I let Bill know we recently had it replaced last year with this model by recommendation of the prior service provider, but we had no preference, as long as it worked. Bill let us know there was a part that was not functioning properly and that he could order the part based on our warranty company’s approval. I called the office, as I had not heard back from them and they were very helpful in following up. The office called me back to schedule an appointment. Bill came out again and this time our sump pump had completely stopped working. I am not sure how he knew, or if it was divine intervention, but he had a sump pump with him and replaced our unit quickly. Bill was extremely professional, but also personable. I would highly recommend B&L Plumbing for your needs. Thanks Bill and B&L!

Christine Gordon

8/9/2018: I called B&L Plumping when I had a basement drain stoppage. Jason came in and ran a snake thru drain and after a few minutes he got it cleared as tree roots had made their way into the drain pipe. Jason L did a unbelievable job! Highly recommend him! Thanks Jason.

Shelly Prosch

8/7/2018: Very prompt and professional service. I believe the plumber’s name was Jim, (dispatch IDSHML8 ByyH-1)
I want to give a shout out to him for snaking the drain and for hauling that 300 lb machine up and down my bacement stairs.

Micki McCaffrey

8/7/2018: James from B&L come to my home to replace a kitchen faucet stayed late to get the job done right!! Prompt and polite in addition couldn’t have asked for better customer service. I will use them again for sure!

Jan Branson

8/7/2018: This company was very prompt and communicated with me through every step. The young man, Michael that showed up to the house was a very professional. His work was good and he was very efficient. I would highly recommend this company for your next plumbing needs.

Ron Work

8/4/2018: Billy was great!!! Very informative and helpful!!

Julie Elliott

8/4/2018: I typically don’t rate or survey service companies but, I was extremely impressed with James McReynolds from B&L Plumbing. My property was backed up with water leaks all over my basement. James was professional and resolved the issue with clear information on how I can prevent in the future.

Floyd Montgomery

8/3/2018: After coming out and inspecting my hot water tank, James explained what to expect whether I repaired it or replaced it. I decided to replace it, and he gave me an estimate and said he’d come back the following week to install the new tank. He came out the next week with an assistant, and about an hour later, I had a new hot water tank.

James and Carol, whom I scheduled the appointments with, were knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, and they answered all of my questions. More importantly, James and his assistant did a great job.

Ed Long

8/3/2018: Shortly after buying a 25+ year old house in Lees Summit we realized we were going to need a new water heater. We called our warranty company and B&L promptly called to schedule an appointment. Bill explained to us that the codes were were changed since the current water heater was installed. We were told by the warranty company they would only pay for part of the replacement. Although unhappy to hear there would be out of pocket costs to bring our situation up to current code, the office staff was happy to explain what and how the warranty company paid in situations like ours. Bill returned and installed the new water heater a few days later and all has been well ever since!! I would recommend Bill and the whole B& L Team for all your plumbing needs.

Kjh Kjh


Alex Rowe

8/3/2018: James was excellent and knows what he is doing. Would recommend to anyone!

Janis Smith

8/3/2018: Highly recommended. James fixed a clogged pipe issue in my bathroom in no more than 20 minutes that I was sure was going to be knock-through-the-wall kind of job. On time, very polite and efficient.

Jennifer Dobnikar

8/3/2018: My technician Billy was awesome! Service was quick and painless and he was very nice and informative!

L. D’Andre’ Turner

8/3/2018: James fixed a leaky pipe, and faulty outdoor faucet today. He did an outstanding job, and very knowledgeable, I will recommend B&L plumbing to anyone for their plumbing needs.

Anthony Barbour

8/3/2018: Bill did a great job of diagnosing my problem, explaining what was wrong and creating a plan for resolution. He got the job done quickly and left no mess. Great service and very friendly!

Amanda Crowe


Kelley Barajas

8/3/2018: James was incredible he is polite thorough, and complete. He was also GREAT after I found out it was not under warranty.

Theresa Bonacorso

8/3/2018: James M treated our home/problem respectfully and professionally! So glad my home warranty sent B&L! Thanks again for the great care!

8/3/2018: Michael did a great job and was so nice and very helpfull. Thank you for sending him.

Rachel Kurz

8/3/2018: James did a fantastic job! … Terrific guy.

James S.

8/3/2018: We had James and Brain out this morning, was very happy on the out come. very kind, professional and seem to know what their talking about! Perfect!

Pamela Douglas

7/27/2018: We had a warranty job through American Home Shield at 10 pm one night. They connected us to B&L. B&L called first thing the next morning and had Billy at our house by 2 pm as promised. Billy was friendly and he got us unstopped pretty darn quick w/o leaving a mess. He even tightened up our disposal as a courtesy. I would definitely call them again.

Glenna Fletcher

7/27/2018: Quick and professional! Service technician was prompt and courteous. He was very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease. I would def recommend B&L Plumbing to my family, friends, and neighbors.

Stacey Lyons

7/27/2018: Very impressed by this company! We were assigned them through our warranty company and I will never let anyone else help with any plumbing needs again! They fixed an issue that another “warranty” plumber caused and refused to fix. Our Tech James was awesome and kept me in the loop the entire time! Awesome customer/quality service!

Lauren Warren

7/20/2018: I am very happy with all the work James and B&L have done for me.
I would recommend to anyone to use this service.

Martine Kuevi

7/20/2018: Bill was great to work with. He was very professional and they were able to fit us in the schedule quickly. We are very happy with the service and will use Bill and B&L for future needs!

Kristen Roder

7/20/2018: Best customer service ever! James has done work twice for me & is the best! Plz send him to my house when I have more plumbing problems. I cannot praise him enough or the company enough.

Judy Tibor

7/20/2018: James came out and repaired a leaking shutoff from the street to the house. He did an excellent job, was friendly and professional. Second time we have used B&L, both times were excellent. We will use them again, if we need to.

James Lane

7/20/2018: James get 100 stars.

Daliah Price

7/13/2018: Used American Home Shield Warranty and placed a claim for a water pressure issue. James arrived early and was very polite. Immediately addressed the issue and had us back up and running in under 30 minutes.

Yesenia Pinkerton

7/12/2018: So happy with this company!! Jason came out within hours of calling and fixed the problem in half an hour with humor and good will! Charged less than what was quoted. How much better could it get?!

cyn sear

7/12/2018: I’ve had no problem with B&L plumbing over the years. I have a home warranty issue on two plumbing items. James came out, fixed items in a timely manner they work perfectly. He was very professional and courteous. Thank you.

Theann McKinney

7/11/2018: Thanks BL Plumbing and especially Bill. Great service and price. Bill had us up and running in no time at all. We will definitely call in the future with our plumbing problems.

Mary Hudson

7/11/2018: Excellent professional service. Pleasant and very informative. Spends time with you on what needs to be fixed or serviced and after the work is done. I would definitely and highly recommend this company. This is a company you can trust to be honest and cost effective. We have been using them for many years.

Robert Brightwell

7/10/2018: Very prompt, extremely professional, and great high quality work. I highly recommend them.

Marla Lovinggood

7/10/2018: Quick service call. Called and they were there in the same day. Billy was knowledgeable, efficient, trustworthy, genuine and very friendly.

Joleen Steichen

6/28/2018: Excellent professional service. Pleasant and very informative. Spends time with you on what needs to be fixed or serviced and after the work is done. I would definitely and highly recommend this company. This is a company you can trust to be honest and cost effective. We have been using them for many years.

Lynn Brightwell

6/18/2018: Quick service call. Called and they were there in the same day. Billy was knowledgeable, efficient, trustworthy, genuine and very friend.

6/2/2018: I called B&L Plumbing when a small leak started coming out of my shower. They responded quickly and Billy arrived in the afternoon. He diagnosed the problem and proposed a solution including cost. I approved and he went straight to work. Within the hour, the problem was resolved. Billy recommended work that was needed to reduce water pressure for the entire house. I approved the work including cost and Billy had that problem fixed quickly and efficiently. A small leak in the pipe below the shower led to a much needed home improvement. As we finished, Billy and I discussed potential future work and issues regarding maintenance concerning the overall projects completed that day. The entire process was a very positive experience.

5/1/2018: I’ve had two B&L service technicians come to my house in the last two months for two un-related plumbing issues (clogged pipes due to roots and a broken sump pump motor). The stress of both situations were quickly diffused due to the expertise of the technicians. Both were highly skilled, quick, and thorough, and took the time to explain what had happened. A+ service; thanks Billy and Jason!

4/25/2018: I want to take the opportunity and tell you my experience with B&L Plumbing. I had called on February 28, 2018 to make an appointment. They had sent John, my technician on March 2, 2018. I was thankful/grateful to see John. John has been out to my home on several occasions. He has always done a terrific job!!! This time, I had water from the washing machine, backing up into the basement. He snaked the line from the house to the sewer line. No debris came back. John then made the determination that a Power Jet was needed to clean out whatever was blocking the line. He returned on March 8th, with the Power Jet and that didn’t do the trick. He then snaked the basement line to the sewer, with the help of his manager. That did do the trick! John has always been professional, kind, courteous, knowledgeable and patient. John has explained, in laymen terms, what he was doing every time he came out. His communication is outstanding/excellent. He made it easy for me to understand. I am so very thankful to B&L for having John on board. Each time he come out, the problem was fixed in a timely manner. If you ever have a problem with your plumbing, ask to see if John is available. I can guarantee you that he is the man to get the job done. He’s the best at what he does and I hope he knows that. Again, I can’t thank B&L enough for having John as an employee. I really can’t say enough about John. Every time B&L has came out, I have never had a problem. I want to wish John all the best in his endeavors. He’s quite a man and the best plumber!

Thank you John. All the best to you.

Tom Mamie Jr. Kansas City, KS.

4/20/2018: I was quite pleased with the service. The individual who handles the phones and appointment setting was very professional. Billy was the plumber assigned to my job. He was quite knowledgeable and resolved the issue quickly. Most of all, when I described what actions I had already taken to resolve the issue, Billy was not condescending or rude (which has happened with others in the past). I will, if I need plumbing service in the future, use this company.

4/8/2018: Can’t say enough good about B&L. They’ve been my plumber for two home warranty issues and both times have been excellent. Professional and actually have the experience to properly diagnose! I had another plumber out here for a service call, spent an hour trying to figure out the issue, never did… B&L tech James figured it out in less than 4 minutes. My kitchen piping repair has been holding strong to a lot of daily use for 8 months now, so no complaints!

For me, it’s the little things that B&L techs do. A lot of plumbers are a single guy that answers the phone during dinner or don’t call you back. B&L has a team that answers calls, gets back to you, the dispatchers are also wonderful to work with. I explained that I had company coming in to town and they were able to move my appointment from Monday to the previous Friday – huge help. Really appreciate their work!

4/2/2018: Our hot water heater was going out, so we called B&L and Bill came right out, gave us an estimate of what was needed and came back 10 days later to do the project. Bill was very efficient, knowledgeable and nice to us. He is very detailed in his work and takes pride in what he was doing. He respected the environment, no damage to anything we had. He replaced the old hot water heater with a new 50 gallon one, new city pressure regulator, shut off valve and pressure release tank. He even replaced the hot water valve stem in our master shower for us! All work was done in about three hours and all messes cleaned up! What a great experience! Bill was very friendly and explained everything to us! We highly recommend B&L Plumbing!

2/14/2018: I had a nightmare scenario at a rental house of mine and needed fast help on a sewer line being backed up. James came out late at night (after dealing with my home warranty service to expedite the call) and went above and beyond the call of duty to do everything he could to get my line cleared. There were MANY obstacles, not the least of being having an accessible clean out for his machine to do the work on. After a lot of troubleshooting and manually trying to get things cleared, we decided that what was needed was a clean out installed. He came out the next morning and installed that so we could get a camera down the line. At that point we saw the line had collapsed between the house and the city sewer. James then worked with his crew to let them know the urgency on this and we were able to have the line replaced within 36 hours. The owner of the company came out and did the line replacement and was able to have it done in just a few hours of work.

As a landlord, this kind of quick response, troubleshooting, and urgency to resolve the problem is rare to find in any kind of contractor. B&L has a lifetime customer. I won’t call anyone else.

James – thanks again for all of your work. B&L is lucky to have you!

2/8/2018: Jason came out. He was outstanding. He knew exactly what we needed, but had to order the part. He came back a few days later, saw that we had a much older part he was dealing with. (I had a Mr. Fix-It who owned the house before me). He just went out and bought the part. Was done in under an hour. Jason is also very personable. He will talk with you as he works. When he left it felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend. The dispatchers are also very nice. Overall, we had a great experience, but he also warned us if it happens again soon we may need to replace a valve behind the tiles because of the age of the house. I respect someone who can tell me what to anticipate in the future.

1/19/2018: With all the freezing weather our city has had, my dad had a problem with his water pipes and I told him to call BL plumbing service. From the first phone call he made, the company gave him the most remarkable customer service. The dispatcher promptly made an appointment for him and within a couple of hours two workers were at his home working on the problem and fixing his pipes! The workers were very kind, helpful and extremely courteous to my dad. Not only was the work done quickly, but also, the cost of the repair was more than fair. I am so grateful for the service that was given to my dad and I will highly recommend this company to anyone needing plumbing work.

5/4/2017: B&L is great. The office staff and technicians are professional and helpful. They have become the only plumbing company I call. They always show up at the appointed time and they always tell me how much the work will cost before they do it so there are never any surprises. I’ll continue to use B&L.

4/23/2017: I will highly recommend BL Plumbing to my friends and neighbors. Everyone was courteous and knowledgeable but best of all got the job. Thanks to Bill and BL Plumbing we will definitely be a repeat customer!

2/1/2017: We would like to thank you for all you did for us this week. The techs and office workers were very helpful.We are very pleased with the work. We would rate them A+ and recommend them to friends. Bill worked very hard to get the job done.

1/7/2017: Chris was AWESOME and INFORMATIVE! I would recommend B&L Plumbing to ANY AND EVERYONE!

12/5/2016: Chris came in and did an absolutely awesome job! In fact he successfully cleared a stubborn drain in 1.5 hours less than 2 plumbers from a competitor took to give up! He was courteous, diligent and, most importantly, he refused to give up! The water was flowing and he had 2 very happy customers when he left! Would call B&L again in a heartbeat!

This is our second service with B&L and we can say enough good things about them! Chris was professional, efficient and courteous! I’d happily have him back next time we need service! Thank you Chris and B&L for taking care of our problem in a professional and timely manner!

Bill found the elusive leak in a wall and had it repaired in less than 2 hours. He not only said, but he appeared to enjoy the challenge. B&L is the only plumbing service for us.

I can’t say enough about this company’s prompt and excellent service!! I had to use this company through my home warranty company, and I am so glad they are a preferred provider! By far, the best customer service ever! From the time of the phone call to the completion of my services, they were incredibly caring and courteous to my need for fast plumbing services! The customer service rep who answered the phone (LeAnn) felt genuinely bad about my situation due to my original plumbing company’s appointment falling through. She came to the rescue and took time out of her day to reach out to try and help. She showed us that THEY are indeed the better company to choose! Plumber John showed up within just a few hours to unclog a 2-day kitchen sink clog. With a family of four, I have no time for dishes to be piling up and not being able to use the dishwasher for two days, so I THANK YOU B&L Plumbing for coming to my rescue and for being so considerate during the process! I had two young boys at my home at the time of the visit who asked the plumber many questions (they were curious about the auger tool!), and the plumber took out extra time to explain the process, how the tool worked and so on. I loved that he was very courteous to the boys, and it turned out to be a fun learning experience for them! He was very approachable, prompt, informative and clean! And best of all, the drain has never worked better! THANKS AGAIN! We will be sure YOU are our plumber from now on!

I have been a B&L Plumbing customer for ten years. Every employee I have had contact with has always been very kind, personable, knowlegeable, and professional. Waylon has been my technician for several years. He is very friendly, efficient, and works quickly. I always receive excellent service. Thank you B&L Plumbing.

My husband and I returned home on Monday evening after being out of town. We discovered water around a floor drain. We called B&L because you are members of the LS Chamber. Of course it was 8:30 pm on Labor Day … OF COURSE! I described the scenario and Shane gave a couple of suggestions that worked. I just want to say THANK YOU TO SHANE! What a God Send he was. GOD’S BLESSINGS!

Bill and his entire office staff have been a blessing to discover! Our horrible dilemma with our home warranty company in providing us with a hot water tank replacement for 2 weeks would have typically been the worst experience of our lives.Bill and his entire staff not only discovered issues that the previous company did not, but provided us with above board customer service. Continuous kind and thoughtful followup, proactively working to avoid future problems that we could incur to protect us and help us to resolve the problem quickly, to working fast, efficiently, and with more skill and knowledge than anyone we have ever encountered in the industry. The day our tank came in, Bill dropped everything to come straight to our home and install it, working late to make sure that we did not have to wait one more minute for hot water. Professional, VIP customer service, Superior Knowledge and Skills, Fair and Reasonable Rates, Trustworthy, Reliable! What more could you want from your plumber!? We will never use any other company for plumbing service and would recommend them to anyone and everyone! I can not say enough good things about them!

Shane Baker was here this morning to replace the hot water heater. He was extremely professional, courteous, and prompt. Wanted to let you know that you have a guy who represents your company well and takes customer service to a level not often seen anymore. I will absolutely call B&L Plumbing the next time I am in need of your services. Thanks!

3/22/2016: Quick to respond with very knowledgeable and friendly service.

I am so amazed at the wonderful service I received today. From the office staff to the tech that came to my house. Big kudos to Tony Kelly! He was friendly and professional. I have a 4-1/2 year old that wanted to watch him work. He did not mind and let her watch the entire process. Very happy and satisfied customer!

We had a service call on November 9, 2015. Jason from B&L was returning to provide us an estimate on updates to our drain lines going to the sink. The sink was previously serviced for stoppage/slow drainage by another B&L Technician two weeks prior. During Jason’s visit he determined the previous work was not done properly and fixed the issue. While it is very disappointing the job was not done correctly the first time, Jason was accountable for the previous work and was going to talk to the person who made the first service call.

From the first phone call to the B&L office, every employee with which we had contact was nice, professional, and knowledgeable. The technician arrived on time, had all of the supplies required for the job, answered questions and gave advice without pressuring us into “bigger and better,” and worked quickly, leaving his work area clean and everything functioning perfectly.

B&L Plumbing recently sent a plumber out to fix a problem with a water pressure relief valve. I cannot say enough about how pleased we were with Shawn. His professionalism, friendliness, answering numerous questions and getting the job done right the first time is a real asset to B&L. Kathy was also exemplary in her conversation as to what would be done. I would not hesitate to recommend B&L for your plumbing needs.

These plumbers are very professional and explained everything very well. Great Job! [B&L] showed up on time and explained everything that was wrong. They helped deal with AHS. I will definitely call again.

I appreciate you being available on the same day! The tech was great at explaining what needed to be done.

Extremely helpful answering questions I asked.

Very friendly and informative.

This is the third time I’ve had B&L come for repairs and I have been very pleased. I did call the home warranty company to tell them how satisfied I was with your company.

Excellent service.