Seasons change, and so does how you use your home’s plumbing system. During the summer season, there are unique plumbing problems you should be prepared for to guard against them. These are some of those problems you should watch for and be ready to protect yourself against.

1. Toilets Clogging

With school closing for the summer, it means the kids will be home more, along with their friends coming to visit, who will all be using your bathroom for their restroom breaks. There will be an increase in the number of flushes your toilet will undergo. These added flushes will put wear and tear on your toilet handles, chains, and flappers, which means you may need to replace one or more of these devices.

2. Showers Begin to Drain Slower

Summertime is usually a time to head to the beach. Before you head back home, make sure everyone rinses off as much sand as possible before they go into your home’s shower. Tiny bits of beach debris, dirt, and sand are the most common culprits for causing a home’s shower to begin draining slower.

If your shower does begin to drain slower than normal, you should not reach for chemical clog removers. These chemicals will only put the problem off and increase the wear on your pipes. B&L Plumbing Service is your best solution for resolving slow draining showers and pipes. Our plumbing experts are able to efficiently clean drains in any room.

3. Broken Down Sump Pump

If you have a basement in your home, you more than likely have a sump pump running during the summer. This machine is essential for keeping basements dry but summer rains can be intense. If your sump pump is not routinely maintained, it can break down, allowing a significant amount of water to begin standing in your basement. B&L Plumbing Services provides sump pump installation, maintenance, and repair. Make sure you keep your basement dry by calling one of our technicians and scheduling a maintenance check before your basement floods.

4. Clogged Garbage Disposal

Summertime brings more cookouts, fresh summer fruits, grilling, and vegetables. It also means you may have more guests in your home, and more than normal amounts of food going into your garbage disposal. This increase in foods being ground in your disposal can cause big problems. Many foods, such as melon rinds, fruit stones, meat grease, and corn cobs can clog your garbage disposal. Make sure you are running cold water before and after your disposal each time. If a clog does happen, call the plumbing experts at B&L Plumbing for quick and safe solutions to unclog your garbage disposal.

5. In-Ground Sprinkler Problems

During the summer, your in-ground sprinkler system becomes very vulnerable. There is typically more foot traffic on your lawn during the summer, which can be a threat to your sprinkler heads. With just a misplaced step, your sprinkler head can crack and create a leak. These leaks are hard to notice as sprinkler heads are designed to spray water. It will become noticeable on your water bill as the leak is going to increase your water usage.

6. Leaking Washing Machine

Trips to the pool or lake, walks outside, vacations and other outdoor activities, etc., are going to increase your use of the washing machine. When a washing machine is overloaded or overused, it can cause the hose to leak. A leaking hose on this machine can cause water damage in your home and increase your water usage. Make sure you are keeping watch on this hose during those busy summer months and replace it if any water begins to leak from it.

Where to Learn More About Summer Plumbing Problems

B&L Plumbing Services performs a variety of different commercial and residential plumbing services. Our trained, experienced technicians will go above and beyond typical care to ensure your plumbing system is ready to handle the summer increase on your system. Serving the Kansas City Metro Area in Missouri and Kansas, our skilled technicians are ready to troubleshoot any problems you have with your plumbing this summer or any time of the year.