Why is my Water Bill so High?

Saving water in your home is important as a typical family of four will use on average 50 gallons per person each day, or around 200 gallons every day. Your largest water users are the washing machine, toilets, and showers, and account for about 2/3 of the water used in your home. The toilet in an average-sized family home uses approximately 27% of the home’s water supply, your washing machine will use about 20%, and the showers account for around 17% of the water used. The faucets in your house use about 15%, while the dishwasher and baths and other uses account for the remaining water usage. So what would cause your water bill to become higher than normal?

Reasons Your Water Bill Could be Higher

Unusually high water bills are most likely caused by a change in your water use or a leak. These are some of the common reasons you could see a spike in your water bill:

  • Water softener begins cycling continuously
  • Toilet continues to run after a flush, or it has a leak
  • A water pipe has broken
  • The water heater is leaking
  • A faucet is allowed to drip, or won’t stop dripping
  • A humidifier attached to the furnace is not properly adjusted
  • The use of a water-cooled air conditioner
  • A sump pump that is a water-powered backup is not functioning properly
  • Family members are at home more

What You Can Check

Typically your water bill will increase during the summer months when kids are home from school, you are watering a garden or lawn, or there is more outside water use for play or washing cars. If you think your water bill is still higher than it should be, there are some things to check to determine if there is a problem in your home.

  • Leaks inside the house– Leaks are one of the most common issues causing water usage to increase and raise your water bill. When these go unfixed, leaks can waste hundreds and sometimes thousands of gallons of water. Check your plumbing to make sure there are no leaks with your outside water taps, toilets, or faucets. It is a good idea to routinely check these water supply areas to prevent unnecessary water waste.
  • Changes in water usage– One reason your water usage may have increased is having guests visit who have used your bathing facilities. An increase in the number of showers, toilet flushes, and faucets could have spiked your water use and water bill.
  • Leaks with toilets or faucets– Another common reason you might see an increase in your water bill is a running toilet. When a toilet continues to run, it can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day. This amount of running water could significantly increase a typical family household’s water usage. Some leaks are easy to spot, such as a leaking or dripping faucet, others are more difficult.
  • Underground or outdoor leaks- Underground or outdoor leaks are not as easy to locate. If the leak is in your crawl space or under the house it is not going to be visible. Check any water spigots you have outside and your irrigation systems to make sure there are no leaks. You should also look for wet areas in your yard which can indicate a leak in your underground water system.

These are some of the checks you can do to determine a reason for an increase in your water bill. If you do not locate any problems, you should call a professional to have your water system checked to see what has caused the increase.

Who to Contact if Your Water Bill is too High

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